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Shah Pharmacy is honoured to be part of the Government's vaccine roll out programme. To book your vaccine please go online or call 119 or come as a walk in (subject to availability).

What vaccine do you offer?

.We administer Comirnaty (Pfizer) 10mcg for children aged 5-11 years of age, Cominarty (Pfizer) 30mcg for individuals who are 12 - 17 years of age and Spikevax (Moderna) to ALL adults (unless there has been extreme rare adverse reaction).

Can I choose my vaccine?

 In rare cases where a patient has a polyethylene glycol allergy or cases where a patient cannot receive a Cominarty or Spikevax vaccine, we can signpost you to another clinic. There is no preference in the choice of vaccine we administer for any patient.

Walk In service

 Please visit the home page for our walk in opening times.


We do not tolerate abuse in any form.

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